Welcome to Aerodance !

The First Semi-Classical Dance School in Bay Area, California

Aerodance is a premier creative learning school of dance specializing in various dance forms. We offer classes in Semi-classical, Bollywood, Folk, Classical, Fusion and other Ethnic dance forms. We are bolstered by a motivated and skilled set of instructors who have attained mastery in various dance forms. We ensure that in addition to dance students inculcate values of life and work towards a better tomorrow. Aerodance School is based on strong classical foundation and we strive to direct the current generation to appreciate all styles of dance. All the dance styles incorporate steps that are based on students aptitude thereby bringing the best out of them.

Aerodance has won more than 1000 awards in several local, regional and national competitions. We also take pride in being one of the few dance schools to have participated in community events and competitive events held by over 250 organizations. Aerodance is driven to make an achiever out of every child. Our curriculum offers certificate based course that features a high recognition award that would empower the students and make them look impressive in their pursuits in high school and college.