Our Director - Ranjani Manda

Ranjani Manda founded Aerodance in 1999 and since then has nurtured it into a leading school of dance. As an experienced mentor and thorough professional, she has strived hard to preserve and promote dance as a learning art form. Ranjani’s selfless teaching has empowered and inspired many who have considered her as a role model to start their own schools of dance. Choreography comes naturally to her but she draws from her experience and research to evolve novel and effective teaching techniques.

Ranjani Manda has a rich Classical, Folk and Bollywood dance background. She obtained extensive and rigorous training in Kuchipudi dance under the esteemed tutelage of Sri. Satyanarayana garu protege of Kuchipudi exponent Sri. Vempati Chinna Satyam garu. As a child, Ranjani was fortunate to have been exposed to many Indian and Western cultural and ethnic events that honed and enhanced her dance skills. She was raised in a cosmopolitan environment that helped her understand different Indian cultures and languages.

Ranjani Manda has a double Master’s degree in Child Psychology and Human Development. A section of her dissertation towards her Master’s degree resulted in a book called Games Children Can Play that includes forty creative games for children that were evolved by her. After having done relentless research in school children, Ranjani believed and continues to do so that students till high school should be geared with a creative directional tool that has a positive impact on their academics besides aiding them to imbibe values of life preparing them for adulthood. This strong belief coupled with her incessant passion for dance led her to start the first Semi-Classical school of dance in Bay Area, "Aerodance" with the slogan "Dance Your Way to Soaring Heights".

Rigorous training in Kuchipudi dance combined with a wide exposure to various Classical dances influence Ranjani Manda's choreography that is marked with a balanced fusion of classical dance steps ; thus evolving into Semi-Classical dance form. Ranjani is inspired to promote and preserve cultural heritage through her teachings.Her choreography is marked with beautiful dance steps that are culturally appropriate and rendered creatively in zestful manner. She takes extreme care to keep the choreography and costumes dignified and tasteful.

Using her vast experience and extensive exposure to various dance forms, Ranjani has choreographed over 2500 dance routines (including 500 Devotional) and has won several accolades in regional and national dance competitions. She has been adjudged as the "Best Choreographer" multiple times with the most recent one being at National FOGANA Dance Competition, 2010 in Texas.

Besides being a specialist in Semi-Classical dance form, Ranjani is also passionate about Ping Pong and has represented Andhra Pradesh at National Championship in India in 1993. She also dabbles in painting specializing in oils.