Aerodance teams participate enthusiastically in various cultural shows and events in Bay Area and around the United States. We are invited by Indian and American Organizations to perform at Independence day celebrations, Cultural festivals, Ball Games, Multi-cultural school events throughout the year.
These are some of the major events where our showcase performances were received with great adulation and thunderous applause:

Month / Year Event
March 2013-2015 Warrior Games
2013-2015 Company events for Intuit and Mentor Graphics
October 2015 Banquet: India Community Center
October 2012-2015 Children's Discovery Museum
February 2012-2015 Global Beats Stage
September 2011 -2015 Asha Jyothi Charitable Organization
August 2015 Ganesh Celebrations Radio Zindagi
October 2011 -2014 Induz Dandiya night
October 2014 Santana Row Festival of Lights
October 2014 Utsav Radio Zindagi
October 2014 Bharathi Tamil Sangam
August 2014 Banquet: FIA
September 2014 Tiruchitrambalam School of Dance
October 2013-2014 Andaz Musicals
October 2010-2014 Diwali Cupertino Chamber
March 2014 Chitrai Spring Fest
Agust 2014 Kavith Krishnamurthy Showcase
October 2014 Milpitas Satyanarayana Temple
March 2014 Nriya Sangam: Tiruchitrambalam Tarangini and Natyalaya dance schools
February 2014 Priety Zinta Spring Charity Ball ICC
February 2014 Fund Raiser for Mayor Madison
October 2012 Gajje Puja Satyanarayana Temple
October 2012 Women Now Utsav
February 2012 Mahashivrathri Livermore, Satyanarayana temples
August 2012 Fremont Freedom Run
July 2012 July 4 - Fremont American Independence Parade
April 2012 Charitable Care Foundation Highlights
December 2011 Trinetram Gunnies Book of World records
October 2011 Yelp Annual Banquet
October 2011 Children Discovery Museum Diwali Festival
October 2011 Small Steps Foundation Dandiya night
August 2011 FIA India Independence Day Celebrations
October 2011 Yelp Annual Banquet
October 2011 Children Discovery Museum Diwali Festival
August 2011 Giants Pre Game Show at AT&T Ball Park
April 2011 Charitable Care Foundation
March 2011 Warriors Vs Mavericks Pregame Ceremony
March 2011 Sri Satyananarayana Temple Shivarathri Celebration
February 2011 Goan Ministry of Tourism
January 2011 San Francisco Ethnic Festival Auditions
January 2011 America's Got Talent auditions
2008-2011 Ruchika (Non Profit Organization)
December 2010 Colors TV Auditions
October 2010 Santana Row Tree Lighting Ceremony
August 2010 Giants Pre Game Show at ATT Ball Park
2005-2010 Asha Berkely
October 2010 Agha Khan Foundation Walkathon
September 2010 Cross Road Bible Church
June 2010 JAI HO - Sukhwinder Singh Show
September 2010 India Literacy Program
2003-2010 Krishnashtami Celebrations at Livermore Temple
2003-2010 BATA Cultural Show
2002-2010 Indian Cultural Association Cultural Show
October 2009 Durgashtami Celebrations at Sunnyvale Temple
October 2009 Silicon Andhra Cultural Show
2004-2009 RANA Cultural Show
2005-2009 Baisakhi Celebrations at Great America Parkway
2007 Imagine Brooks College Fashion
2007 Fremont Senior Center
2005 Jain Festival at Jain Mandir
2005 Fremont Parents Nursery Schools
2005 Asian-American Heritage Show
2005 ICC Annual Banquet
2004 Neema Saree Palace - Lost Angeles