International Ensemble

Aerodance company is in the process of expanding its artistic scope through collaboration, and an eager openness for young budding dancers to execute their creative energies. Drawn to topics of , vulnerability and risk, our work allows each performance to exist as a fleeting moment. We view new inspirations as opportunities to explore boundaries and see potential in space, time and intention. Movement shares many commonalities, but the breadth of the work is within the through-line that allows movement to become a meaning, to become a statement. Aerodance is currently creating new work and encompasses International dance and music schools to accompany at a unique level.

Here are few of the composed pieces:

  • Good vs Evil (Asuras vs Devatas) - A Mythological Piece
  • Satrangi - Colors for Peace
  • Arambh - The Patriotic R age
  • Female foeticide
  • International Ensemble 2012 - With Taiko Drummers
  • International Ensemble 2014 - With Acroyoya

Aerovanganza 2015

Ballet Folklorico Reflejos De Mexico | UC Berkeley

An ensemble of Aerograd and Expert dancers performed in collaboration with the Reflexigos Folklorico, students of UC Berkley. Both presented a unique combination dance on authentic folklorico using tap style of footwork. The steps and songs were authentic yet appealing to the contemporary crowds. Thus the students saluted their respective countries of India and Mexico. The sounds of music accentuated the powerful modern movements and rhythmic footwork symbolized a dialogue between the feet and the music.

Ballet Folklórico Reflejos de México, referred to as "Reflejos"", is a Mexican folklórico dance group that promotes cultural diversity at UC Berkeley and in the greater San Francisco/Bay area.

Aerovanganza 2014

Acroyoga | Vidya Venkat

This years International ensemble features ACROYOGA lead by the instructors Keoni and Vidya. Aerodance blended the two forms featuring Aero Expert Dancers to perform this physical practice which blends elements of yoga, acrobatics, performance and healing arts. Acute gymnastic techniques are used to build strength, flexibility, trust and teamwork between partners.

Aerovanganza 2012


Taiko Drums: Taiko is an ancient form of Japanese drumming. This years International ensemble integrates the Taiko drums with an Indian Patriotic Ballad.