Aero-Fusion Program

This program includes routines that are fast, rhythmic and set to popular music. These dances are rendered in trendy costumes.

Bollywood: Dance routines are set to peppy Indian film music where only meaningful songs are selected. These routines incorporate varied steps from Modern, Hip hop, Western, Contemporary and Free-style forms of dance exuding lots of energy filled with rhythm and fun!!

Fusion and Modern: Dances are choreographed using steps of Salsa, Ballet, Jazz, and modern dance forms. Routines are set to medley of songs from around the world.

Contemporary: Dance routines incorporate choreography that involves "Contemporary" steps. Emphasis is laid on sharp movements and clean finishes. These routines are normally set to Bollywood "Soul" tracks.

Aero-Ethnic Program

Inspired by the principles of UNESCO, Aerodance perseveres to preserve and promote cultural heritage. We creatively experiment with all folk art forms from India and the world and put our best foot forward to embellish the child's mind to inculcate interest and appreciate Indian and world folk dances.

Folk and Ethnic: Folk dances from different regions of the world are taught to students with an additional importance given to footwork, style of body movements and extensive use of props. These dances are marked with colorful ethnic costumes and elaborate jewelry depicting the region of origin.

Patriotic: Dances that show a love for the country provide an entertaining harmony of event appreciation and spiritual development. Though the issues and dance expressions in this academy are taken from a South Asian context, the expressions and themes are universal and are applicable to any culture in the world.

Devotional: Dances are event-specific and highly spiritual in nature. Choreography comprises of graceful movements. These routines are set to traditional songs based on all religions and all languages from different regions of the world.

Aero Semi-Classical Program

Aerodance has come up with a unique Semi -Classical program. The syllabus touches the roots of all classical dances, is meaningful yet simplified suiting the younger generation where the style is trendy yet conservative is the approach. We preserve the family values along with promoting culture. Aerodance is a pioneer in issuing certificate for Semi-Classical dance course and takes pride in promoting Semi - Classical dance as an art form. AeroGraduates are awarded with a international certificate issued by UNESCO in the field of Semi-Classical dance. Semi-Classical course will include structured Semi-Classical dance steps and routines.